This Post Is on Fire

Fire is mother nature’s hottest element. When uncontrolled, fire can wreak havoc*. However, when contained, it brings us warmth on cold winter days, helps us prepare tasty treats, and makes our birthdays just a little bit more special.


Let’s take a look at some fire-related vocabulary and phrases.


You probably already knew what fire means when used as a noun. Nevertheless, there is a lesser-known expression that contains this word: “to be on fire.”

“To be on fire” can be literal, like you are LITERALLY ON FIRE and need to STOP, DROP, and ROLL…


…OR “to be on fire” could mean that you’re doing something really well and are unstoppable. For example, people might say that a basketball player who scores 20 points in 10 minutes is on fire.

In the following video, Alicia Keys is on fire in the sense that she’s an unstoppable woman and mother. She’s inspired and isn’t backing down.


When used as verb, “to fire” can mean to dismiss someone from a position at work…


…or to shoot a gun.



Hot can refer to temperature, but it is also used colloquially to describe either a person’s physical attractiveness or the popularity of something.

Therefore, “Jennifer Lawrence is so hot right now” could mean that she is looking very attractive or that she is currently very popular and a lot of people are talking about her.



Make a wish!


If something is burning, it could mean that it’s literally on fire. However, “to burn” can also reflect either physical or emotional pain. In “Love the Way You Lie,” the line “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?” probably refers to hurting and suffering in a toxic relationship.


  • To wreak havoc = to bring about widespread destruction; sembrar el caos

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