Fruits and Veggies

Here are some ideas on how to teach the names of fruits and vegetables to young children. I used these resources this past year when I taught English to preschoolers in Spain.

draw_fruits10208703It’s best to have flashcards or play fruit and play vegetables. You can buy them or make them, depending on how crafty you are.

When you’re first introducing the names of the fruits and vegetables, it’s good to use a lot of repetition.

Have them pass the flashcard or toy around the room and say the name of the fruit or vegetable while it’s in their lap.

You could also go around the room and touch the heads of children at random with a fruit or vegetable. When you touch their head, they have to say the name of the fruit or vegetable you have in your hand.


Regarding audiovisual material, the song “Let’s Go to Market” is excellent for fruit and Mr. Tumble’s Something Special for vegetables.

My students were dancing and singing along to this song. You could even sing it without the video and hold up the fruit flashcards you have.


Once the children really start to understand the names of the produce, you can ask them if they like certain fruits and vegetables.

Teacher/Parent: “Candela, do you like carrots?”

Student/Child: “Yes, I like carrots.”

Teacher/Parent: “Adam, do you like strawberries?”

Student/Child: “No, I don’t like strawberries.”

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