Blended Words in English


Here is how you make a blended word:

-Take two words with different meanings (“Spanish” and “English”)

-Combine the letters in some way to make a new word (“Spanglish”)

-The new word represents a combination of the sounds and meanings of the original words (“Spanglish”: switching between Spanish and English in a conversation).


Below are some more examples. Try to guess what the original words and meaning might be before reading the explanation.


Smog is the combination of “smoke” and “fog.” It is a type of air pollutant often seen in big cities like Los Angeles, CA.

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Fruits and Veggies

Here are some ideas on how to teach the names of fruits and vegetables to young children. I used these resources this past year when I taught English to preschoolers in Spain.

draw_fruits10208703It’s best to have flashcards or play fruit and play vegetables. You can buy them or make them, depending on how crafty you are.

When you’re first introducing the names of the fruits and vegetables, it’s good to use a lot of repetition. Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Spain


After over three years in Spain, the time has finally come to say goodbye to this beautiful country and its affable inhabitants. I’m excited to go back to the States. I look forward to advancing career-wise and spending more time with friends and family there. Nevertheless, it saddens me to leave behind two wonderful cities, Málaga and Madrid, that have taught me the importance of getting out of the house, trying new things, talking to new people, and discovering new places.


The Spanish city that first took me under its wing

The song in the video is called “No te olvidaré” by Pablo Alborán.

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Which English?

When studying English, do you ever ask yourself which variety of English you should learn? …American? …British? …Australian? The truth is any and all varities of English are perfectly fine.

My advice would be to try to expose yourself to as many accents as possible! These two videos are excellent resources to help you develop your listening skills and phonological awareness.